"Still life?" by Matteo Daddi

"Still life?" is based on two photomontages built with freely usable photos by these artists:
unsplash-logoSerenity Mitchell -- (photo used in "Still life?")
unsplash-logoMasha Rostovskaya -- (photo used in "Still life?")
unsplash-logoAndre Iv -- (photo used in "Still life?")
unsplash-logoJoss Woodhead -- (photo used in "Still life?")
unsplash-logoYoal Desurmont -- (photo used in "Still life?")
unsplash-logoredcharlie -- (photo used in "Still life?")
unsplash-logoIshan @seefromthesky -- (photo used in "Still life?")

For the Augmented Reality experience the framework AR.js has been used.

Music in ending video is: "Kalte Ohren (Cold Ears) Stem pack" by starfrosch Ft. Jerry Spoon. 2019 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0).

I want to really say thanks to all the people that has made this possible! A special thanks goes to Elisa Salatti.